Long Term Living at Corfu Town

Could you join the Digital Nomads?

Taste the Heart of Old Town

Learn about the new trend in long term living. Work from a place designed to feel like home in the center of Corfu! Check out our long term accommodation offers for a chance to take a stroll around Corfu, only seconds after you have turned off your computer. We offer you high-speed Wi-Fi, amenities in your room at the center of the city, within walking distance from every place you might want to visit in the old town.

With almost 30,000 residents, Corfu Town is the home to a third of the population of the regional unit of Corfu. The historic center is in the old town, the ramparts of which have prevented it from spreading, resulting in its unique architecture, with tall houses rising up over several floors, narrow alleyways (kantounia) where the locals hang their laundry out to dry and little squares at every corner. It is the largest preserved medieval town in Greece and one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean, being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

If a change of scenery is what you need, what better scenery than the one we just described?
If you can imagine working on our island, which is considered one of the safest places in Greece, contact us and we will give you the price and availability rates for your custom work-from-home experience in Corfu.

Check our Prices :

Double Urban Suite: 550 per month, 437 per 2 weeks, 315 per one week and 40 euros per each additional day.

Triple Urban Suite: 608 per month, 485 per 2 weeks, 350 per week and 45 euros per each additional day.

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